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About Mike


Born in 1958, Mike grew up on Strawberry Hill in Kansas City, Kansas, an ethnic community of descendants from Poland, Croatia, Germany and Ireland, among others. He attended Catholic schools until college, where on scholarship he earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Kansas.

He has now spent the past two decades at an easel capturing life’s ‘moments’ with spontaneous and bold brushstrokes. Having worked in several different mediums and experimenting with his style, it was in 1987 that today’s signature Mike Savage look began to evolve. That year, the owner of JJ’s, a local Kansas City bistro, asked Mike to display his pastels. However, it was a year later when he hung his acrylics, that JJ’s and Mike knew there was a connection. One of fine food and fine art. This was Mike’s first avenue to sell his work, and now twenty-seven years later JJ’s still exclusively exhibits many of Mike’s newest paintings. 

Mike best describes his work as contemporary and impressionistic, a style that stems from his admiration not only from the impressionistic era and its greats, Monet and Van Gogh, but also two of his other favorite artists, John Singer Sargent and Wayne Theibold. His focus and discipline for each piece is to create a composition that is strong and keeps the viewers eyes moving, never allowing the viewer to focus on just one spot, as the palette and his love of color jumps from the canvas to create a look that brings a feeling of happiness. It’s this color palette he feels that takes the ordinary visual to a level where he sees the world.

Mike is a resident of Westwood, where each day the commute to his studio is just steps from his home. In his studio, a mix of music and the large windows that open to his garden help create the atmosphere he desires for a day at the easel. With the constant music setting the tone and the animals to keep him company, it’s a nice little slice of life that’s carried into his work.

His gallery, Sav-Art Gallery at 45th and State line was open for 15 years and carried his works and those of friends that share the same insight. Sav-Art was a dream he'd seen come true, and now lives on from his home studio and online, here! 

As for the personal side, it’s the simple things he, reading, cooking, friends, and his family. As for art, that’s simple too. He believes that art is to be enjoyed by all and that art is simple. You either like it or you don’t.

I hope ya like!  -Mike